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Aux.: MeaningCategory
Aux.Auxilium, Auxilio ("Help", "With the help of")ecclesiastical
AUX: MeaningCategory
AUXAraguaína Airport[Araguaína, Tocantins, Brazil]IATA Airport Code
AUXAuxiliary input jackElectronics abbreviations
AUXAuxillary device, equipment, a peripheralcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
AUXAuxiliaryMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to aux

  • AAC- Advanced Audio Coding
  • ASCII- American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • ACC- Area Control Centre
  • ACS- Audio Control System
  • AGC- Automatic gain control
  • AHC- Attitude Heading Control
  • AOC- Aeronautical Operational Control
  • ASU- Avionics switching unit
  • ACHE- American College of Healthcare Executives
  • ACA- Affordable Care Act
  • ACU- Ambulatory care unit
  • AG- Attorney General
  • ASC- Ambulatory surgery center
  • ASO- Administrative services only contract
  • AS- Aortic stenosis
  • AAG- Anti-aircraft gun
  • AAK- Appliqué armor kit (US)
  • A/C- aircraft commander
  • AC- alternating current