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AVC: MeaningCategory
AVCAdvanced Video CodingOpen Standards
AVCAudio for Video Codingcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
AVCAverage Variable Coursewebcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
AVCAutomatic Volume Controlmedia abbreviations and acronyms
AVCAutomatic Voice ControlMilitary abbreviations
AVCAVionics ChangeMilitary abbreviations
AVCAlumni Volunteer CorpsNon-Profit Organizations
AVCAsian Volleyball Confederationsports abbreviations
AVCAvon Valley Cyclerysports abbreviations
AVCAntelope Valley CollegeUniversity abbreviations
AVCAsynchronous Virtual ClassroomUniversity abbreviations
AVCAtlantic Veterinary CollegeUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to avc

  • ABAS- Aircraft-Based Augmentation System
  • AFCS- Automatic flight control system
  • AFIS- Either; Automatic flight information service or airborne flight information system
  • APC- Auto Pilot Computer
  • APS- Auto Pilot System
  • AAPCC- Average Adjusted Per Capita Cost
  • APG- Ambulatory patient group
  • AAPC- Advanced Armoured Personnel Carrier (Turkey)
  • ABC- Atomic, biological, chemical (replaced by chemical, biological, radiological (CBR), and Nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC))
  • AB(C)- Aviation battalion (combat)
  • ABS- Aww-Busting System
  • AFAS- advanced Field Artillery System
  • AFC- Australian Flying Corps
  • AFSC- air force specialty code
  • AIFS- Advanced Indirect Fire System
  • AIPS- Advanced Integrated Propulsion System (US)