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AWOL: Meaning Category
AWOL Absent without official leave military
AWOL Absent Without Leave Airforce
AWOL Absent without leave[NB 1] Navy
AWOL Absent Without Official Leave / Absent WithOut Leave (military jargon) Acronym
AWOL Able Women Of Leisure Community abbreviations
AWOL Acting Workshop On Line Community abbreviations
AWOL Alternate Way Of Life Community abbreviations
AWOL Alternative Weekend of Offsite Learning Educational abbreviations
AWOL A Work Of Love media abbreviations and acronyms
AWOL Abscent With Out Leave Military abbreviations
AWOL Absent With Out Leave Military abbreviations
AWOL Absent Without Official Leave Military abbreviations
AWOL Animals With Our Love Non-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to awol

  • A4L - Abilities For Life
  • AAALI - Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative
  • AAL - Aalborg Airport
  • AAL5 - ATM Adaptation Layer 5
  • AALA - African American Life Alliance
  • AALAE - African Association For Literary And Adult Education
  • AALL - Archival Association Leadership List
  • AEL - Albert Lea Municipal Airport
  • AHL - Aishalton Airport
  • AIL - Ailigandi Airport
  • AILA - Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliqée
  • aL - Attolitre
  • AL2O3 - Aluminum Oxide (aka Alumina or Sapphire)
  • ALA - Åland Islands (ISO 3166 trigram)
  • ALAO - American Lung Association of Ohio
  • ALE - Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport (FAA: E38)
  • ALH - Albany Airport
  • ALI - Acute lung injury
  • ALIU - Autovon Line Interface Unit
  • ALL - Albanian lek (ISO 4217 currency code)