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b. birth Community abbreviations
b. born Community abbreviations
B: Meaning Category
B Bel Acronym
B prefix denoting a number in billions oil&gas
B (catalog) Barnard catalog astronomy
B Boron Chemistry abbreviations
B Burning Community abbreviations
B Basic Educational abbreviations
B Behavior Educational abbreviations
B Bored Educational abbreviations
B Boys Educational abbreviations
B Base (transistor) Electronics abbreviations
B form B (normally closed) contacts Electronics abbreviations
B Biotechnews media abbreviations and acronyms
B Bold media abbreviations and acronyms
B Border media abbreviations and acronyms
B Brochure media abbreviations and acronyms
B Ballistic Military abbreviations
B Barrier Military abbreviations
B Blank Military abbreviations
B Bomber Military abbreviations
B Browning Military abbreviations
B Bull Military abbreviations
B Buster Military abbreviations
B Byte software abbreviations and acronyms
B Balls sports abbreviations
B Baseball sports abbreviations
B Bingo sports abbreviations
B Boxer sports abbreviations
B Bronco sports abbreviations
B Band University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to b

  • BBA - Balanced Budget Act of 1997
  • BHAI - Behavioral Health Affiliate of Iowa
  • BIA - Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • BE - Barium enema
  • BP - Blood pressure
  • BAe - British Aerospace
  • BB - Base bleed
  • BFA - Blank-firing adaptor or blank-firing attachment
  • BFV - Bradley Fighting Vehicle
  • BUA - BILL under armour or built-up area
  • BW - Bacteriological warfare
  • BAH - Basic Allowance for Housing
  • BF - Slang - 'Buddy Fucker' (Someone who through action or inaction causes harm or distress for a fellow Airman) Also, 'Bravo Foxtrot' or 'Blue Falcon'
  • BU - Builder
  • BA - Bachelor for Administration
  • B10 - Ben 10
  • B10: UA - Ben 10: Ultimate Alien