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B.A.: Meaning Category
B.A. Baccalaureus Artium ("Bachelor of Arts") ecclesiastical
B&A: Meaning Category
B&A Boat and Aircraft Military abbreviations
ba: Meaning Category
ba Bashkir language (ISO 639-1 code) Acronym
Ba: Meaning Category
Ba Barium Acronym
BA: Meaning Category
BA Bachelor for Administration ghana
BA Bachelor of Arts Acronym
BA Bottom Assembly (of a riser) oil&gas
BA Balancing Authority energy
BA Biological Assessment energy
BA Blocks against—i.e., the number of a player's shots that were blocked. This is used by the NBA. sports
BA Benzyl Alcohol Chemistry abbreviations
BA Bonding Activity Chemistry abbreviations
BA Butyl Acetate Chemistry abbreviations
BA Bad Angst Community abbreviations
BA bare-assed Community abbreviations
BA Bridging America Community abbreviations
BA Below Average Educational abbreviations
BA Bad Acting media abbreviations and acronyms
BA Beautiful Actress media abbreviations and acronyms
BA Before Animaniacs media abbreviations and acronyms
BA Book Art media abbreviations and acronyms
BA Broken Audio media abbreviations and acronyms
BA Base Area Military abbreviations
BA Basics Accomplished Military abbreviations
BA Battle Area Military abbreviations
BA Berlin Attack Military abbreviations
BA British Aerospace (Corporation) Military abbreviations
BA Broken Aeroplane Military abbreviations
BA Budget Analysis Military abbreviations
BA Budget Authority Military abbreviations
BA Busy Ambassador Non-Profit Organizations
BA Begin Array software abbreviations and acronyms
BA BIOS Agent software abbreviations and acronyms
BA Ball Attach sports abbreviations
BA Batting Average sports abbreviations
BA Battle Arena sports abbreviations
BA Big Arena sports abbreviations
BA Be All University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ba

  • 10B2 - 10BASE-2
  • 10B5 - 10BASE-5
  • 10B-F - 10BASE-F
  • 10B-FB - 10BASE-FB
  • 10B-FP - 10BASE-FP
  • 11B - Military Occupational Specialty for Infantryman
  • 13B - Military Occupational Specialty code for Cannon Artilleryman
  • 19BA - 19th Bombardment Association
  • 1B - First base
  • 2B - Double
  • 315BWA - 315th Bomb Wing Association
  • 3B - Third base
  • 63B - Light Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic
  • 73BWA - 73rd Bomb Wing Association
  • 7BWA - 7th Bomb Wing B-36 Association
  • 96B - Intelligence Analyst Military Occupational Specialty code
  • B - Bel
  • B0 - BCXXI Workstation Class Computer
  • B10 - Ben 10
  • B10: UA - Ben 10: Ultimate Alien