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BADD: Meaning Category
BADD Battlefield Awareness and Data Dissemination Acronym
BADD Bluejays Against Destructive Decisions Educational abbreviations
BADD Brothers Against Drunk Driving Educational abbreviations
BADD Buffaloes Against Destructive Desisions Educational abbreviations
BADD Battlefield Awareness Data Disemination Military abbreviations
BADD Bicyclists Against Drunk Driving Non-Profit Organizations
BADD Bothered About Dungeons And Dragons sports abbreviations
BADD Bulldogs Against Drugs and Drinking University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to badd

  • BITE - Built-In Test Equipment
  • BDI - Bearing distance indicator
  • BAT - Biometrics Automated Toolset
  • BD - base detonating
  • BDA - Browning double action or bomb damage assessment
  • BDU - Battle dress uniform
  • BT - Boat tail
  • BTA - Best technical approach
  • BTU - Bullet trap universal
  • BIT - Bystander Intervention Training
  • BFT - Blue Force Tracking
  • BOT - Basic Officer Training
  • BBD - Barbadian dollar (ISO 4217 currency code)