Found 36 abbreviations in 3 groups
B.B.: Meaning Category
B.B. Boys Brigade (U.K.) Non-Profit Organizations
B/B: Meaning Category
B/B BaseBand Military abbreviations
BB: Meaning Category
BB Base bleed military
BB Battleship Navy
BB Barbados (ISO 3166 digram; FIPS 10-4 country code) Acronym
BB Boys' Brigade (Christian youth organization) Acronym
BB Brigitte Bardot (actress) Acronym
BB (astrophysics terminology) Black Body astronomy
BB base on balls sports
BB Big Bang Chemistry abbreviations
BB Baby Boom Community abbreviations
BB Blunt Bloke Community abbreviations
BB Bob's Birthday Community abbreviations
BB Best for Boys Educational abbreviations
BB Big Brother Educational abbreviations
BB Blue Bird Corporation Educational abbreviations
BB Bit Bucket computing abbreviations and acronyms
BB Before Brady media abbreviations and acronyms
BB Bulletin Board media abbreviations and acronyms
BB "Battle Buddy" [individual med. monitor personnel] Military abbreviations
BB Ball Bullet Military abbreviations
BB Big Bertha Military abbreviations
BB Boys Brigade Military abbreviations
BB BreakBulk Military abbreviations
BB Size of the shot in a BB gun Military abbreviations
BB Browser Based software abbreviations and acronyms
BB Back-to-Back sports abbreviations
BB Bad Break sports abbreviations
BB Ball Busting sports abbreviations
BB Ballroom Blitz sports abbreviations
BB BareBack (horse riding) sports abbreviations
BB Base on Balls sports abbreviations
BB BaseBall sports abbreviations
BB Bat Boy sports abbreviations
BB Big Bets sports abbreviations
BB Body Builder sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to bb

  • 10B2 - 10BASE-2
  • 10B5 - 10BASE-5
  • 10B-F - 10BASE-F
  • 10B-FB - 10BASE-FB
  • 10B-FP - 10BASE-FP
  • 11B - Military Occupational Specialty for Infantryman
  • 13B - Military Occupational Specialty code for Cannon Artilleryman
  • 19BA - 19th Bombardment Association
  • 1B - First base
  • 2B - Double
  • 315BWA - 315th Bomb Wing Association
  • 3B - Third base
  • 63B - Light Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic
  • 73BWA - 73rd Bomb Wing Association
  • 7BWA - 7th Bomb Wing B-36 Association
  • 96B - Intelligence Analyst Military Occupational Specialty code
  • B - Bel
  • B0 - BCXXI Workstation Class Computer
  • B10 - Ben 10
  • B10: UA - Ben 10: Ultimate Alien