Found 35 abbreviations in 2 groups
B.C.: Meaning Category
B.C. Before Christ ecclesiastical
BC: Meaning Category
BC Battery commander military
BC Before Christ Acronym
BC Blind Copy (in emailers) Acronym
BC Boston College Acronym
BC Botswana (FIPS 10-4 country code; from Bechuanaland) Acronym
BC British Columbia (postal symbol) Acronym
BC back course aerospace
BC Built-In Test Equipment aerospace
BC Base curve optometric
BC Bond Centered Chemistry abbreviations
BC Boron Carbide Chemistry abbreviations
BC Bachelors Club Community abbreviations
BC Birth Certificate Community abbreviations
BC Be Compassionate Educational abbreviations
BC Book Club Educational abbreviations
BC Bias Contrast Electronics abbreviations
BC Buried Capacitance Electronics abbreviations
BC Basic Component computing abbreviations and acronyms
BC Big Calculator computing abbreviations and acronyms
BC Binary Counter computing abbreviations and acronyms
BC Before Cable media abbreviations and acronyms
BC Battle Captain Military abbreviations
BC Battle Command Military abbreviations
BC Body Count Military abbreviations
BC Bomber Command Military abbreviations
BC Bottom Current Military abbreviations
BC Boundless Courage Military abbreviations
BC Backward Compatibility software abbreviations and acronyms
BC Bells Cup sports abbreviations
BC Boys Crown sports abbreviations
BC Barber College University abbreviations
BC Barnard College University abbreviations
BC Beacon College University abbreviations
BC Bernhard Center University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to bc

  • 100B-FX - 100BASE-FX
  • 100BVG - 100BASE-VG
  • 22BGA - 22nd Bombardment Group Association
  • 22BSA - 22nd Bomb Squadron Association
  • 23BSA - 23rd Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) Association
  • 2B1Q - 2 Binary 1 Quaternary
  • 303BGA - 303rd Bomb Group Association
  • 306BGHA - 306th Bomb Group Historical Association
  • 307BGA - 307th Bombardment Group (Heavy) Association - The Lone Rangers
  • 31BSA - 31st Bomb Squadron Association
  • 330BGA - 330th Bomb Group Association
  • 340BGA - 340th Bomb Group FB-111 Association
  • 345BGA - 345th Bomb Group Association
  • 351BGA - 351st Bombardment Group (Heavy) Association
  • 379BGA - 379th Bomb Group World War II Association
  • 388BGA - 388th Bomb Group Association
  • 388BGHA - 388th Bombardment Group Heavy Association
  • 391BGA - 391st Bomb Group Association
  • 397BGA - 397th Bomb Group Association
  • 401BGA - 401st Bombardment Group (Heavy) Association