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BCBSIBlue Cross/Blue Shield of Iowa now known as Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowahealthcare

Abbreviations similar to bcbsi

  • BSPS- Business Sector Programme Support
  • BCFG- Patchy Fog (METAR Code)
  • BISEPS- Battlefield Identification System Environment Performance Simulation
  • BCVS- (catalog) Bibliographic Catalogue of Variable Stars
  • BSFC- Boston Schoolyard Funders Collaborative
  • BASOPS- Base Operations
  • BGPHES- Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension System
  • BICEPS- brevity, immediacy, contact, expectancy, proximity, and simplicity
  • BOGSABS- Breadboard Operational Guide - Standard Army Battlefield Scenario
  • BSFS- Baseline System Functional Specification
  • BX/PX- Base eXchange / Post eXchange
  • BCFS- Baptist Child and Family Services
  • BCPC- Boulder County Prevention Connection
  • BCPGV- Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
  • BCFJ- William J. Brennan Jr. Center For Justice at New York University
  • BCPS- Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons