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B.C.L.: Meaning Category
B.C.L. Baccalaureus Civilis [or Canonicae] Legis ("Bachelor of Civil [or Canon] Law") ecclesiastical
BCL: Meaning Category
BCL Barra del Colorado Airport [Barra del Colorado, Costa Rica] IATA Airport Code
BCL Beyond City Limits Community abbreviations
BCL Battlefield Coordination Line Military abbreviations
BCL Binary Center Line software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to bcl

  • BSL - Black Star Line
  • BCLL - Bibliography of Celtic Latin Literature
  • BGL - borehole geometry log
  • BQL - B/QL log
  • BJL - Banjul International Airport
  • BKL - Burke Lakefront Airport
  • BXL - Nanuya Lailai Airport
  • BZL - Barisal Airport
  • BCIL - Boston Center for Independent Living
  • BCLA - British Contact Lens Association