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bis: Meaning Category
bis Bislami language (ISO 639-2 code) Acronym
BIS: Meaning Category
BIS Bureau of Indian Standards Open Standards
BIS Bismarck Municipal Airport [Bismarck, North Dakota, United States] IATA Airport Code
BIS (organization) British Interplanetary Society astronomy
BIS Building Industry Show Electronics abbreviations
BIS Business Information System computing abbreviations and acronyms
BIS Battlefield Information System Military abbreviations
BIS Battlespace Information System Military abbreviations
BIS Before Insert Statement software abbreviations and acronyms
BIS Boot Integrity Services software abbreviations and acronyms
BIS Second release of certain standards (French 'encore') software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to bis

  • 100B-FX - 100BASE-FX
  • 100BVG - 100BASE-VG
  • 22BGA - 22nd Bombardment Group Association
  • 22BSA - 22nd Bomb Squadron Association
  • 23BSA - 23rd Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) Association
  • 2B1Q - 2 Binary 1 Quaternary
  • 303BGA - 303rd Bomb Group Association
  • 306BGHA - 306th Bomb Group Historical Association
  • 307BGA - 307th Bombardment Group (Heavy) Association - The Lone Rangers
  • 31BSA - 31st Bomb Squadron Association
  • 330BGA - 330th Bomb Group Association
  • 340BGA - 340th Bomb Group FB-111 Association
  • 345BGA - 345th Bomb Group Association
  • 351BGA - 351st Bombardment Group (Heavy) Association
  • 379BGA - 379th Bomb Group World War II Association
  • 388BGA - 388th Bomb Group Association
  • 388BGHA - 388th Bombardment Group Heavy Association
  • 391BGA - 391st Bomb Group Association
  • 397BGA - 397th Bomb Group Association
  • 401BGA - 401st Bombardment Group (Heavy) Association