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BJOQBlue Jacket of the QuarterNavy

Abbreviations similar to bjoq

  • BASIC- Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (acronym was added later, originally it was simply Basic)
  • BGWG- Battle Group Wargame (military simulation; "big wig")
  • BASIS- (observing program) Burst and All Sky Imaging Survey
  • BCIZ- Butterfly Conservatory Insect Zoo
  • BJAC- Baltimore Junior Association of Commerce
  • BOCES- Board Of Cooperative Education Services
  • BOGES- Board Of Cooperative Education Services
  • BSEK- Board of Secondary Education Karachi
  • BASEC- British Approvals Service for Cables
  • BCIS- Bedan Computer Information Society
  • BCOS- Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State
  • BSAC- British Screen Advisory Council
  • BCES- Battlefield Electronic CEOI System