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B.L.: Meaning Category
B.L. Bachelor of Law Sciences ghana
B/L: Meaning Category
B/L Baseline Military abbreviations
bl: Meaning Category
bl Barrel energy
BL: Meaning Category
BL Blank military
BL Bolivia (FIPS 10-4 country code) Acronym
BL But Line aerospace
BL Blocked shots. Euroleague uses "BL", ESPN uses "BLK", and the NBA uses "BS". sports
BL Band Limited Electronics abbreviations
BL Battery Low Electronics abbreviations
BL Background Loading computing abbreviations and acronyms
BL Bell Laboratories computing abbreviations and acronyms
BL Block Length computing abbreviations and acronyms
BL Boy's Life media abbreviations and acronyms
BL Boys Life media abbreviations and acronyms
BL Base Level Military abbreviations
BL Basic Load Military abbreviations
BL BCXXI Lightweight Computer Unit Military abbreviations
BL Biocontainment Level Military abbreviations
BL Blast Link Military abbreviations
BL Bible League Non-Profit Organizations
BL Big Leap sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to bl

  • 10B-FL - 10BASE-FL
  • BAL - Batman Airport
  • BALLE - Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
  • BALO - Battalion Air Liaison Officer
  • BBBL - Bambis Bombers Baseball League
  • BBL - Be Back Later
  • BBLL - Bradley Bourbonnais Little League
  • BEAL - Bibliography of Early American Law
  • bel - Belarusian language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • BELL - Building Enterprise For Learning And Living
  • BEOL - Back End Of The Line
  • BFFL - Best Friends For Life
  • BFL - Meadows Field
  • BHL - borehole log
  • BHLH - Basic Helix Loop Helix
  • BIIL - Basic Issue Items List
  • BIL - Billings Logan International Airport
  • BILL - Bofors, infantry, light and lethal
  • Billy - William
  • BLA - Generál José Antonio Anzoátegui International Airport