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BLS: Meaning Category
BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics healthcare
BLS Basic life support healthcare
BLS Bollon Airport [Bollon, Queensland, Australia] IATA Airport Code
BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics of United States Department of Labor energy
BLS Black Liquor Solids Chemistry abbreviations
BLS Basic Leadership School Military abbreviations
BLS Beach Landing Site Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to bls

  • BALCO - Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative
  • BLCSE - Battle Laboratory Constructive Simulation Environment
  • BLSA - Blowing Sand (METAR Code)
  • BLZ - Belize (ISO 3166 trigram)
  • BPLUG - baker plug
  • BLC - Bali Airport
  • BLG - Belaga Airport
  • BLJ - Batna Airport
  • BLK - Blackpool International Airport
  • BLQ - Bologna-Borgo Panigale "Guglielmo Marconi" Airport
  • BLX - Arturo dell'Oro Airport
  • BLLAC - (celestial object) BL LACertae, a class of active galaxies for which BL Lacertae is the archetypal object
  • Blog - Web Log
  • BLIS - Beltmann Logistics Information System