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BLT: MeaningCategory
BLTBattalion landing teammilitary
BLTBacon Lettuce Tomato (sandwich)Acronym
BLTBlackwater Airport[Blackwater, Queensland, Australia]IATA Airport Code
BLTBiggest Lucky TicketCommunity abbreviations
BLTBrule Lake TrailCommunity abbreviations
BLTBusiness Lunch TogetherCommunity abbreviations
BLTBecoming Leaders Of TomorrowEducational abbreviations
BLTBloated Little TotsEducational abbreviations
BLTBalanced Line TunerElectronics abbreviations
BLTBlack Leather Timesmedia abbreviations and acronyms
BLTBrough Lovick Televisionmedia abbreviations and acronyms
BLTBasic Leadership TrainingMilitary abbreviations
BLTBattalion Landing TeamMilitary abbreviations
BLTBrave Little Talkers Toastmasters ClubNon-Profit Organizations
BLTBasic Linux Trainingsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
BLTBack Low Throwsports abbreviations
BLTBetter Luck Tomorrowsports abbreviations
BL-T: MeaningCategory
BL-TBlack tracermilitary

Abbreviations similar to blt

  • BLDU- Blowing Dust (METAR Code)
  • BLD- Boulder City Municipal Airport (FAA: 61B)
  • BBL/D- Barrel per day
  • BELT- Burks Early Learning Together
  • BOLT- Building Opportunities For Learning Together
  • BLAD- Basic Layout And Design
  • BLTWY- Beltway