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BMT: MeaningCategory
BMTBasic Military TrainingAirforce
BMTBeaumont Municipal Airport[Beaumont, Texas, United States]IATA Airport Code

Abbreviations similar to bmt

  • BMNT- Begin morning nautical twilight
  • BUMED- Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
  • BMD- Ballistic Missile Defence
  • BMDO- (U.S.) Ballistic Missile Defense Organization ("bim-do")
  • BND- Brunei dollar (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • BNT- Bundi Airport
  • BIND- Berkeley Internet Name Domain
  • B., BMT.- Bene Merenti ("To the Well-Deserving")
  • BAMD- Battlefield Automation Management Directorate
  • BMET- Bio-Medical Equipment Technician