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B.P.: Meaning Category
B.P. Beatissime Pater ("Most Holy Father") ecclesiastical
Bp: Meaning Category
Bp Bishop Acronym
BP: Meaning Category
BP Blood pressure healthcare
BP Battle Position Acronym
BP British Petroleum (today, BP does not officially stand for anything) Acronym
BP Solomon Islands (FIPS 10-4 country code; from British Protectorate of the Solomon Islands) Acronym
BP Benzoyl Peroxide Chemistry abbreviations
BP Boiling Point Chemistry abbreviations
BP Brown Pride Community abbreviations
BP BandPass Electronics abbreviations
BP Base Pointer computing abbreviations and acronyms
BP Basic Programs computing abbreviations and acronyms
BP Build Page computing abbreviations and acronyms
BP Business Portal computing abbreviations and acronyms
BP Back Print media abbreviations and acronyms
BP Begin Picture media abbreviations and acronyms
BP Bermuda Press media abbreviations and acronyms
BP Bernays-Painter media abbreviations and acronyms
BP Battery Pack Military abbreviations
BP Battle Power Military abbreviations
BP Battlefield Position Military abbreviations
BP Binding Post Military abbreviations
BP Black Powder Military abbreviations
BP Block Parity Military abbreviations
BP Bow Problem Military abbreviations
BP Brilliant Pebbles Military abbreviations
BP Burning the Planet Military abbreviations
BP Beyond Pesticides Non-Profit Organizations
BP Ball Park sports abbreviations
BP Ban Points sports abbreviations
BP Baton Pass sports abbreviations
BP Batting Practice sports abbreviations
BP Battle Points sports abbreviations
BP Belt Punch sports abbreviations
BP Big Point sports abbreviations
BP Bouncer Points sports abbreviations
BP Bravery Points sports abbreviations
BP Bonus Points University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to bp

  • BBA - Balanced Budget Act of 1997
  • BHAI - Behavioral Health Affiliate of Iowa
  • BIA - Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • BE - Barium enema
  • BAe - British Aerospace
  • BB - Base bleed
  • BFA - Blank-firing adaptor or blank-firing attachment
  • BFV - Bradley Fighting Vehicle
  • BUA - BILL under armour or built-up area
  • BW - Bacteriological warfare
  • BAH - Basic Allowance for Housing
  • BF - Slang - 'Buddy Fucker' (Someone who through action or inaction causes harm or distress for a fellow Airman) Also, 'Bravo Foxtrot' or 'Blue Falcon'
  • BU - Builder
  • BA - Bachelor for Administration
  • B - Bel
  • B10 - Ben 10
  • B10: UA - Ben 10: Ultimate Alien