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BPLBole Alashankou Airport[Bole, Xinjiang, China]IATA Airport Code
BPLBroadband over Power Linescomputing
BPLBroadband over power lineenergy
BPLBroadband Power Linecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
BPLBack Plate LatchMilitary abbreviations
BPLBomb Pumped LaserMilitary abbreviations
BPLBorland Package Librarysoftware abbreviations and acronyms
BPLBangladesh Premier Leaguesports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to bpl

  • BILL- Bofors, infantry, light and lethal
  • BL- Blank
  • BOL- Bearing-only launch
  • BBL- Be Back Later
  • bel- Belarusian language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • BLUI- Body Language User Interface ("blooie")
  • bul- Bulgarian language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • BHL- borehole log
  • BLI- bottom of logging interval
  • BPFL- borehole profile log