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bs: MeaningCategory
bsBosnian language (ISO 639-1 code)Acronym
bsblogspotcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
BS: MeaningCategory
BSBomb SquadronAirforce
BSThe Bahamas (ISO 3166 digram)Acronym
BSBassas da India (FIPS 10-4 territory code)Acronym
BSBachelor of Science degreeAcronym
BSBritish subjectAcronym
BSBloom's syndromeacronyms for diseases and disorders
BSBend Stiffeneroil&gas
BSblown savesports
BSBlocked shots. Euroleague uses "BL", ESPN uses "BLK", and the NBA uses "BS".sports
BSBaby SitterCommunity abbreviations
BSBakura ShrineCommunity abbreviations
BSBe SureCommunity abbreviations
BSBounce SelfCommunity abbreviations
BSBig SchoolEducational abbreviations
BSBlack SheepEducational abbreviations
BSBrain StretchingEducational abbreviations
BSBase SaturationElectronics abbreviations
BSBeam SplitterElectronics abbreviations
BSBritish StandardElectronics abbreviations
BSBackSpacecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
BSbad sectorcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
BSBatch Systemcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
BSBetter Solutionscomputing abbreviations and acronyms
BSBad Storiesmedia abbreviations and acronyms
BSBadly Statedmedia abbreviations and acronyms
BSBroadcasting Satellitemedia abbreviations and acronyms
BSBattle StaffMilitary abbreviations
BSBottom SecretMilitary abbreviations
BSBroadcast SourceMilitary abbreviations
BSBatch Scriptsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
BSBlock Sizesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
BSBeen Stompedsports abbreviations
BSBlown Savesports abbreviations
BSBall State UniversityUniversity abbreviations
BSBasel StadtUniversity abbreviations
BSBrown StudentUniversity abbreviations
BSBusiness SchoolUniversity abbreviations
BSBusted StudentsUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to bs

  • BIS- Bureau of Indian Standards
  • BSA- Business Software Alliance
  • BSI- British Standards Institute
  • BCAA- Blue Cross Association of America
  • BASE- British Aerospace Systems and Equipment
  • BC- Battery commander
  • BCC- battery control centre
  • BOSS- Ballistic optimizing shooting system
  • BPS- Battery power source
  • BSSG- Brigade service support group
  • BX- Bionix AFV
  • BAS- Basic Allowance for Subsistance
  • BCGs- Birth Control Glasses (nickname for eye glasses issued by the US military)
  • BOHICA- Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
  • BOQ- Bachelor Officer Quarters
  • BOS- Base Operating Support
  • BJOY- Blue Jacket of the Year