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bs: Meaning Category
bs Bosnian language (ISO 639-1 code) Acronym
bs blogspot computing abbreviations and acronyms
BS: Meaning Category
BS Bomb Squadron Airforce
BS The Bahamas (ISO 3166 digram) Acronym
BS Bassas da India (FIPS 10-4 territory code) Acronym
BS Bachelor of Science degree Acronym
BS British subject Acronym
BS Bullshit Acronym
BS Bloom's syndrome acronyms for diseases and disorders
BS Bend Stiffener oil&gas
BS blown save sports
BS Blocked shots. Euroleague uses "BL", ESPN uses "BLK", and the NBA uses "BS". sports
BS Baby Sitter Community abbreviations
BS Bakura Shrine Community abbreviations
BS Be Sure Community abbreviations
BS Bounce Self Community abbreviations
BS Big School Educational abbreviations
BS Black Sheep Educational abbreviations
BS Brain Stretching Educational abbreviations
BS Base Saturation Electronics abbreviations
BS Beam Splitter Electronics abbreviations
BS British Standard Electronics abbreviations
BS BackSpace computing abbreviations and acronyms
BS bad sector computing abbreviations and acronyms
BS Batch System computing abbreviations and acronyms
BS Better Solutions computing abbreviations and acronyms
BS Bad Stories media abbreviations and acronyms
BS Badly Stated media abbreviations and acronyms
BS Broadcasting Satellite media abbreviations and acronyms
BS Battle Staff Military abbreviations
BS Bottom Secret Military abbreviations
BS Broadcast Source Military abbreviations
BS Batch Script software abbreviations and acronyms
BS Block Size software abbreviations and acronyms
BS Been Stomped sports abbreviations
BS Blown Save sports abbreviations
BS Ball State University University abbreviations
BS Basel Stadt University abbreviations
BS Brown Student University abbreviations
BS Business School University abbreviations
BS Busted Students University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to bs

  • 100B-FX - 100BASE-FX
  • 100BVG - 100BASE-VG
  • 22BGA - 22nd Bombardment Group Association
  • 22BSA - 22nd Bomb Squadron Association
  • 23BSA - 23rd Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) Association
  • 2B1Q - 2 Binary 1 Quaternary
  • 303BGA - 303rd Bomb Group Association
  • 306BGHA - 306th Bomb Group Historical Association
  • 307BGA - 307th Bombardment Group (Heavy) Association - The Lone Rangers
  • 31BSA - 31st Bomb Squadron Association
  • 330BGA - 330th Bomb Group Association
  • 340BGA - 340th Bomb Group FB-111 Association
  • 345BGA - 345th Bomb Group Association
  • 351BGA - 351st Bombardment Group (Heavy) Association
  • 379BGA - 379th Bomb Group World War II Association
  • 388BGA - 388th Bomb Group Association
  • 388BGHA - 388th Bombardment Group Heavy Association
  • 391BGA - 391st Bomb Group Association
  • 397BGA - 397th Bomb Group Association
  • 401BGA - 401st Bombardment Group (Heavy) Association