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B. Se.: MeaningCategory
B. Se.Baccalaureus Scientiarum ("Bachelor of Sciences")ecclesiastical
BSE: MeaningCategory
BSEBovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, better known as mad cow diseaseAcronym
BSEBuku Sekolah Elektronik (screw thread),[3]Acronym
BSEBovine spongiform encephalopathyacronyms for diseases and disorders
BSESematan Airport[Sematan, Sarawak, Malaysia]IATA Airport Code
BSEBack- Scaterred ElectronsElectronics abbreviations
BSEBusiness Software And Equipmentcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
BSEBest Selection ExaminationUniversity abbreviations
BSEBest Semester EverUniversity abbreviations
BSEBoard of Secondary EducationUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to bse

  • BIS- Bureau of Indian Standards
  • BSA- Business Software Alliance
  • BSI- British Standards Institute
  • BCAA- Blue Cross Association of America
  • BASE- British Aerospace Systems and Equipment
  • BC- Battery commander
  • BCC- battery control centre
  • BOSS- Ballistic optimizing shooting system
  • BPS- Battery power source
  • BSSG- Brigade service support group
  • BX- Bionix AFV
  • BAS- Basic Allowance for Subsistance
  • BCGs- Birth Control Glasses (nickname for eye glasses issued by the US military)
  • BOHICA- Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
  • BOQ- Bachelor Officer Quarters
  • BOS- Base Operating Support
  • BS- Bomb Squadron