Found 2 abbreviations in 2 groups
BSOD: Meaning Category
BSOD Blue Screen Of Death computing abbreviations and acronyms
BSOD Black Screen On Display software abbreviations and acronyms
BSoD: Meaning Category
BSoD Blue Screen of Death (distinct from BSD) Acronym
BSoD Blue Screen of Death computing

Abbreviations similar to bsod

  • BSD - Berkeley Software Distribution
  • BCT - Brigade combat team (US)
  • BGT - Brigade combat team
  • BST - Basic skills trainer
  • BCOT - Basic Communications Officer Training
  • BCD - Bad Conduct Discharge (also colloquially known as "Big Chicken Dinner")
  • BGD - Bangladesh (ISO 3166 trigram)
  • BIST - Built-In Self-Test
  • BJT - Bipolar Junction Transistor
  • BOGSAT - Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around a Table
  • BZD - Belize dollar (ISO 4217 currency code)