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cat: MeaningCategory
catCatalan language (ISO 639-2 code)Acronym
Cat: MeaningCategory
CAT: MeaningCategory
CATComputerized axial tomographyhealthcare
CATCrisis Action TeamAirforce
CATCommunity Acceptance TestingAcronym
CATComputer-Assisted (or Axial) TomographyAcronym
CATConnector Actuating Tooloil&gas
CATComputer-Aided Translationcomputing
CATCategory (e.g. CAT-5 cable)[Physical layer]IT
CATCalifornia Advocates of TrollopyCommunity abbreviations
CATCasual American TeenagerCommunity abbreviations
CATCitizens Area TransitCommunity abbreviations
CATClassic Arcade TripCommunity abbreviations
CATCommunity Accessible TransportCommunity abbreviations
CATCommunity Action TeamCommunity abbreviations
CATCoolcat Active TrainingCommunity abbreviations
CATCalifornia Achievement TestEducational abbreviations
CATCaterpillarEducational abbreviations
CATClassroom Assessment TechniqueEducational abbreviations
CATCompensatory Acceleration TrainingEducational abbreviations
CATComputer Adaptive TestEducational abbreviations
CATComputer Assisted TeachingEducational abbreviations
CATComputerized Adaptive TestingEducational abbreviations
CATCreate A TrickEducational abbreviations
CATCulture, Art, TechnologyEducational abbreviations
CATComputer-Aided TestingElectronics abbreviations
CATComputer Aided Testingcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CATComputer Assisted Translationcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CATCommunity Access Televisionmedia abbreviations and acronyms
CATCreation And Translationmedia abbreviations and acronyms
CATCreative Art Techniquesmedia abbreviations and acronyms
CATCritically Appraised Topicmedia abbreviations and acronyms
CATCapital Asset TrackingMilitary abbreviations
CATCATegoryMilitary abbreviations
CATCenter for Army TacticsMilitary abbreviations
CATcombat application tourniquetMilitary abbreviations
CATComputer-Assisted TrainingMilitary abbreviations
CATContinuous Adaptive TerrainMilitary abbreviations
CATCat Action TeamNon-Profit Organizations
CATComputer Aided Translationsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
CATCollaborative Active TextbooksUniversity abbreviations
CATCommon Admission TestUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cat

  • CD- Compact Disc
  • CAT I- Operational performance Category 1
  • CAT II- Operational performance Category II
  • CAT IIIa- Operational performance Category IIIa
  • CDA- Continuous descent approach
  • CDI- Course deviation indicator
  • CDTI- Cockpit display of traffic information
  • CADE- Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology
  • CAD- Computer-assisted design
  • CATT- Combined arms tactical trainer (UK)
  • CCD- Charge-coupled device
  • CDU- Command display unit
  • CET- Combat engineer tractor
  • CSSD- Combat service support detachment
  • CTA- Case telescoped ammunition
  • CTD- Concept technology demonstrator
  • CTI- Central tyre inflation