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cat: Meaning Category
cat Catalan language (ISO 639-2 code) Acronym
Cat: Meaning Category
Cat Cataract optometric
CAT: Meaning Category
CAT Computerized axial tomography healthcare
CAT Crisis Action Team Airforce
CAT Community Acceptance Testing Acronym
CAT Computer-Assisted (or Axial) Tomography Acronym
CAT Connector Actuating Tool oil&gas
CAT Computer-Aided Translation computing
CAT Category (e.g. CAT-5 cable) [Physical layer] IT
CAT California Advocates of Trollopy Community abbreviations
CAT Casual American Teenager Community abbreviations
CAT Citizens Area Transit Community abbreviations
CAT Classic Arcade Trip Community abbreviations
CAT Community Accessible Transport Community abbreviations
CAT Community Action Team Community abbreviations
CAT Coolcat Active Training Community abbreviations
CAT California Achievement Test Educational abbreviations
CAT Caterpillar Educational abbreviations
CAT Classroom Assessment Technique Educational abbreviations
CAT Compensatory Acceleration Training Educational abbreviations
CAT Computer Adaptive Test Educational abbreviations
CAT Computer Assisted Teaching Educational abbreviations
CAT Computerized Adaptive Testing Educational abbreviations
CAT Create A Trick Educational abbreviations
CAT Culture, Art, Technology Educational abbreviations
CAT Computer-Aided Testing Electronics abbreviations
CAT Computer Aided Testing computing abbreviations and acronyms
CAT Computer Assisted Translation computing abbreviations and acronyms
CAT Community Access Television media abbreviations and acronyms
CAT Creation And Translation media abbreviations and acronyms
CAT Creative Art Techniques media abbreviations and acronyms
CAT Critically Appraised Topic media abbreviations and acronyms
CAT Capital Asset Tracking Military abbreviations
CAT CATegory Military abbreviations
CAT Center for Army Tactics Military abbreviations
CAT combat application tourniquet Military abbreviations
CAT Computer-Assisted Training Military abbreviations
CAT Continuous Adaptive Terrain Military abbreviations
CAT Cat Action Team Non-Profit Organizations
CAT Computer Aided Translation software abbreviations and acronyms
CAT Collaborative Active Textbooks University abbreviations
CAT Common Admission Test University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cat

  • 1CD - 1st Cavalry Division
  • 4C-CD - Capital District Child Care Coordinating Council
  • C2T2 - Close Combat Tactical Trainer
  • C4D - Cinema 4D
  • CAAD - Corps Area Air Defense
  • CAAT - or Campaign Against Arms Trade
  • CAATD - Crewman's Associate Advanced Technology Demonstration
  • CAATE - Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education
  • CAD - Computer-assisted design
  • CADD - Computer Aided Design and Drafting
  • CADE - Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology
  • CADT - Control Application Development Tool
  • CAETI - Computer Aided Education and Training Initiative
  • CAID - Computer-Aided Industrial Design
  • CAIT - Committee for Applied Instructional Technologies
  • CAOT - Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists
  • CATA - Circle All That Applies
  • CATE - Career And Technology Education
  • CATH - Cultural Analysis Theory and History
  • CAT I - Operational performance Category 1