Found 30 abbreviations in 2 groups
C-B: MeaningCategory
C-BChemical-BiologicalMilitary abbreviations
CB: MeaningCategory
CBCitizens' Band radioAcronym
CBCambodia (FIPS 10-4 country code)Acronym
CBcore barreloil&gas
CBCentral Backsports
CBConduction BandChemistry abbreviations
CBCommunity BoardCommunity abbreviations
CBColoring BookEducational abbreviations
CBCarbon BlackElectronics abbreviations
CBCircuit BreakerElectronics abbreviations
CBClean Bootcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CBCitizens' Bandmedia abbreviations and acronyms
CBCurrent Bulletinmedia abbreviations and acronyms
CBCakrabirawa Unit, the Indonesian Presidential GuardMilitary abbreviations
CBCast BulletMilitary abbreviations
CBCentral BatteryMilitary abbreviations
CBChemical-BiologicalMilitary abbreviations
CBClean BurnMilitary abbreviations
CBCode BreakerMilitary abbreviations
CBCommon BatteryMilitary abbreviations
CBComplex BurstMilitary abbreviations
CBConstruction BattalionMilitary abbreviations
CBConstruction Battalion (SEABEES)Military abbreviations
CBCrash and BurnMilitary abbreviations
CBCross BowMilitary abbreviations
CBCaringBridgeNon-Profit Organizations
CBClub BeyondNon-Profit Organizations
CBCommand Buttonsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
CBChat Boxsports abbreviations
CBCell BiologyUniversity abbreviations
CBCollege BoundUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cb

  • CIPI- Capital input price index
  • COB- Coordination of benefits
  • COP- Condition of participation
  • CPI- Consumer price index
  • CVA- Cerebrovascular accident, a stroke
  • CVI- Cerebrovascular Insufficiency
  • COOP- Continuity of operations
  • CIP- Critical infrastructure protection
  • CAB- Combat aviation battalion
  • CAP- Civil air patrol (USAF civilian auxiliary)
  • CAV- Composite armored vehicle (US)
  • CCP- Computer control panel
  • CCV- Close combat vehicle
  • CEFO- Combat equipment fighting order (webbing contents)
  • CEP- Circular error of probability
  • CEPP- Controlled effect police projectile
  • CEV- Combat engineer vehicle