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CCD: MeaningCategory
CCDCharge-coupled devicemilitary
CCDCharge-Coupled DeviceAcronym
CCDConfraternity of Christian Doctrine (Catechism)Acronym
CCDConsiderable conduct disorderacronyms for diseases and disorders
CCDCentury City Heliport (FAA: 84CL)[Los Angeles, United States]IATA Airport Code
CCD(instrumentation) Charge Coupled Deviceastronomy
CCD(astrophysics terminology) Color-Color Diagram, a plot that compares the differences between magnitudes in different wave bandsastronomy
CCDCommunity Cultural DevelopmentEducational abbreviations
CCDComponent Coupling DiagramElectronics abbreviations
CCDControl Circuit DiagramElectronics abbreviations
CCDControlled Current DistributionElectronics abbreviations
CCDCharge Coupled Devicecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CCDCommon Core Datamedia abbreviations and acronyms
CCDCamouflage, Concealment, and DeceptionMilitary abbreviations
CCDCivil Censorship DetachmentMilitary abbreviations
CCDConfiguration Control DocumentMilitary abbreviations
CCDCouncil of Canadians with DisabilitiesNon-Profit Organizations
CCDCatholic Catechism DepartmentUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ccd

  • CD- Compact Disc
  • CAT I- Operational performance Category 1
  • CAT II- Operational performance Category II
  • CAT IIIa- Operational performance Category IIIa
  • CDA- Continuous descent approach
  • CDI- Course deviation indicator
  • CDTI- Cockpit display of traffic information
  • CAT- Computerized axial tomography
  • CADE- Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology
  • CAD- Computer-assisted design
  • CATT- Combined arms tactical trainer (UK)
  • CDU- Command display unit
  • CET- Combat engineer tractor
  • CSSD- Combat service support detachment
  • CTA- Case telescoped ammunition
  • CTD- Concept technology demonstrator
  • CTI- Central tyre inflation