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CCO: Meaning Category
CCO Close combat optic military
CCO Carimagua Airport [Puerto López, Meta, Colombia] IATA Airport Code
CCO (catalog) Catalogue of Cometary Orbits astronomy
CCO (celestial object) Central Compact Object, a compact star in the center of a planetary nebulae astronomy
CCO Chemical Control Order Chemistry abbreviations
CCO Columbia Chronicle On-line media abbreviations and acronyms
CCO Center for Complex Operations Military abbreviations
CCO Central Control Officer Military abbreviations
CCO Close Combat Optic Military abbreviations
CCO Combat Cargo Officer Military abbreviations
CCO Command and Control Office Military abbreviations
CCO Complex Contingency Operation Military abbreviations
CCO Contingency Contracting Officer Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cco

  • CE - Consumer Electronics
  • CII - Computer-Implemented Invention
  • CAI - Caution annunciator indicator
  • CAH - Critical access hospital
  • CCI - Correct coding initiative
  • CCU - Cardiac care unit
  • CHA - Catholic Health Association
  • COI - Certificate of Insurance
  • CQI - Continuous quality improvement
  • Ca - Carcinoma
  • CC - Chief complaint
  • CIO - Chief information officer
  • C3I - Command, control, communications, and intelligence
  • CCC - Combustible cartridge case
  • C/E - Crew/enlisted (enlisted aircrew member)
  • CEOI - Communications electronics operating instruction
  • CEU - Computer electronics unit
  • CG - Commanding general