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CCP: Meaning Category
CCP Computer control panel military
CCP Casualty Collection Point Acronym
CCP Communications Checkpoint Acronym
CCP Contingency Communications Package Acronym
CCP Carriel Sur International Airport [Concepción, Bío Bío Region, Chile] IATA Airport Code
CCP Community Cares Plan Community abbreviations
CCP CBT Course Project Educational abbreviations
CCP Certification Continuation Program Educational abbreviations
CCP Computer Career Program Educational abbreviations
CCP Constant Current Power Electronics abbreviations
CCP Critical Control Point Electronics abbreviations
CCP Connective Component Programming computing abbreviations and acronyms
CCP Change Control Plan Military abbreviations
CCP Consolidated Cryptologic Program Military abbreviations
CCP Consolidation and Containerization Point Military abbreviations
CCP Container Consolidation Point Military abbreviations
CCP Contract Change Proposal Military abbreviations
CCP Cryptography Centralized Policy Military abbreviations
CCP Clips Constraints Programming software abbreviations and acronyms
CCP Certificate of Cycling Proficiency sports abbreviations
CCP Crystalline Caverns Pack sports abbreviations
CCP Centre for Competition Policy University abbreviations
CCP Co Curricular Programs University abbreviations
CCP Community College of Philadelphia University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ccp

  • CIPI - Capital input price index
  • COB - Coordination of benefits
  • COP - Condition of participation
  • CPI - Consumer price index
  • CVA - Cerebrovascular accident, a stroke
  • CVI - Cerebrovascular Insufficiency
  • COOP - Continuity of operations
  • CIP - Critical infrastructure protection
  • CAB - Combat aviation battalion
  • CAP - Civil air patrol (USAF civilian auxiliary)
  • CAV - Composite armored vehicle (US)
  • CCV - Close combat vehicle
  • CEFO - Combat equipment fighting order (webbing contents)
  • CEP - Circular error of probability
  • CEPP - Controlled effect police projectile
  • CEV - Combat engineer vehicle
  • CF - Canadian Forces