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CDC: Meaning Category
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.) healthcare
CDC Career Development Course Airforce
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Medical-organisations
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (originally (U.S.) Communicable Disease Center) Acronym
CDC Control Data Corporation Acronym
CDC Cult of the Dead Cow Acronym
CDC Cedar City Regional Airport [Cedar City, Utah, United States] IATA Airport Code
CDC Child Development Council Community abbreviations
CDC Citizens Development Corps Community abbreviations
CDC Community Development Center Community abbreviations
CDC Community Development Corporation Community abbreviations
CDC Cultural Development Collaboration Community abbreviations
CDC Child Development Center Educational abbreviations
CDC Count, Divide, and Compare Educational abbreviations
CDC Century Date Change computing abbreviations and acronyms
CDC Cadet Deputy Commander Military abbreviations
CDC Center for Disaster Control Military abbreviations
CDC Classified Doctrine Concept Military abbreviations
CDC Combat Developments Course Military abbreviations
CDC CONUS Demobilization Center Military abbreviations
CDC Core Data Center Military abbreviations
CDC Citizens Democracy Corps Non-Profit Organizations
CDC Clothing Distribution Center Non-Profit Organizations
CDC Changed Data Capture software abbreviations and acronyms
CDC Comprehensive Developmental Class University abbreviations
CDC Credit for Demonstrated Competency University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cdc

  • COTS - Common Off The Shelf
  • CAT IIIc - Operational performance Category IIIc
  • CODEC - Coder/decoder
  • CADAC - Certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor
  • COTAC - Conduite de Tir Automatique pour Char (tank automatic fire)
  • CTIS - Central tyre inflation system
  • CDAAC - Communicative Disorders Assistant Association of Canada
  • CDS - Chief of the Defence Staff
  • CTS - (West African) Command Clerks Training School
  • CATK - Counterattack
  • CATS - Computer Active Technology Suspension
  • CDEC - U.S. Combat Development Experimentation Center
  • CDIAC - Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center ("see-dee-ack")
  • CEDEX - Courrier d'entreprise à distribution exceptionnelle (French, "Company Mail with Exceptional Distribution"; "exceptional" refers to the volume of mail)
  • CGDC - Computer Game Developers Conference (became GDC in 1998)
  • CHDK - Canon Hack Development Kit (Canon camera firmware hack)
  • CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (of Wild Fauna and Flora) ("sigh-tease")
  • CITS - Combat Identification Training System