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CDM: Meaning Category
CDM Coastal defence missile military
CDM Clean Development Mechanism (Kyoto protocol) Acronym
CDM Cold Dark Matter (astronomy) Acronym
CDM (astrophysics terminology) Cold Dark Matter, any model for structure formation in the universe that characterize "cold" particles such as WIMPs as dark matter astronomy
CDM Clean Development Mechanism energy
CDM Central Defensive Midfielder sports
CDM Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Electronics abbreviations
CDM Common Device Model Electronics abbreviations
CDM Collaborative Data Mining computing abbreviations and acronyms
CDM Command Data Module computing abbreviations and acronyms
CDM Control Development Module computing abbreviations and acronyms
CDM Cable Driver Modem Military abbreviations
CDM Camp Dresser & McKee Military abbreviations
CDM Custom Development Method software abbreviations and acronyms
CDM Construction Design Management University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cdm

  • 24CTM - 24th Connecticut Militia Regiment
  • C2CDM - Command and Control Core Data Model
  • CATM - Combat Arms Training and Maintenance
  • CATN - Course Advanced Trauma Nursing
  • CCDM - (catalog) Catalog of Components of Double and Multiple Stars
  • CCTM - Calaveras College of Therapeutic Massage
  • CDHAM - Center for Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance Medicine
  • CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access
  • CDN - Woodward Field
  • CDWM - Center for Decentralized Wastewater Management (Institute of Agriculture, University of Tennessee)
  • CEDAM - Community Economic Development Association of Michigan
  • CHDM - Central High Definition Movie
  • CHTM - Community Health Trust of Maine
  • CIDNE - Combined Information Data Network Exchange
  • COEDMHA - Center Of Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance
  • COTHEN - Customs Over-The-Horizon Enforcement Network
  • COTM - Couple Of The Month
  • CSDN - Civil Service Disability Network (UK)
  • CSTN - Color Super Twisted Nematic
  • C-TAM - Cable Television Administration and Marketing Society