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CDM: MeaningCategory
CDMCoastal defence missilemilitary
CDMClean Development Mechanism (Kyoto protocol)Acronym
CDMCold Dark Matter (astronomy)Acronym
CDM(astrophysics terminology) Cold Dark Matter, any model for structure formation in the universe that characterize "cold" particles such as WIMPs as dark matterastronomy
CDMClean Development Mechanismenergy
CDMCentral Defensive Midfieldersports
CDMCardioid Dynamic MicrophoneElectronics abbreviations
CDMCommon Device ModelElectronics abbreviations
CDMCollaborative Data Miningcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CDMCommand Data Modulecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CDMControl Development Modulecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CDMCable Driver ModemMilitary abbreviations
CDMCamp Dresser & McKeeMilitary abbreviations
CDMCustom Development Methodsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
CDMConstruction Design ManagementUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cdm

  • CATM- Combat Arms Training and Maintenance
  • CTM- Cryptologic Technician Maintenance
  • CTN- Cryptologic Technician Networks
  • CDMA- Code Division Multiple Access
  • CYDN- cyberdon log
  • CDN- Woodward Field
  • CCDM- (catalog) Catalog of Components of Double and Multiple Stars
  • CTAN- Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
  • COTM- Couple Of The Month
  • CSDN- Civil Service Disability Network (UK)
  • CCTM- Calaveras College of Therapeutic Massage
  • CTEN- California Teachers Empowerment Network
  • CTEM- Conventional Transmission Electron Microscopy