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CEC: Meaning Category
CEC Civil Engineer Corps Navy
CEC Cooperative Engagement Capability Navy
CEC Jack McNamara Field [Crescent City, California, United States] IATA Airport Code
CEC California Energy Commission energy
CEC Commission for Environmental Cooperation energy
CEC Council of the European Communities energy
CEC Cation Exchange Capacity Chemistry abbreviations
CEC Certificate Of Educational Convenience Educational abbreviations
CEC Continuing Education Centre Educational abbreviations
CEC Council For Exceptional Children Educational abbreviations
CEC Cell Evaluation Chip Electronics abbreviations
CEC Commission of European Communities computing abbreviations and acronyms
CEC Central Electronic Complex Military abbreviations
CEC Computer Engineering Center Military abbreviations
CEC Casa de Economii si Consemnatiuni University abbreviations
CEC Class Executive Committee University abbreviations
CEC Colombia Education Center University abbreviations
CEC Columbia Education Center University abbreviations
CEC Continuing Education Credit University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cec

  • CAS - Calibrated airspeed
  • CWS - Control wheel steering
  • CICU - Cardiac intensive care unit
  • COG - Continuity of government
  • CAG - Commander of the Air Group
  • CAWS - Cannon Artillery Weapons Systems (US)
  • CAX - Combined arms exercise
  • CIS - Chartered Industries of Singapore
  • CIWS - Close-in weapons system
  • COS - Chief of section
  • CAOC - Combined Air and Space Operations Center
  • CEG - Combat Evaluation Group
  • CES - Civil Engineering Squadron
  • CGOC - Company Grade Officers' Council