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C.F.: MeaningCategory
C.F.Clarissima Femina ("Most Illustrious Woman")ecclesiastical
cf.: MeaningCategory
cf.confer (Latin "compare", or "see also")Acronym
Cf: MeaningCategory
CF: MeaningCategory
CFCanadian Forcesmilitary
CFControlled fragmentationmilitary
CFCharlie Foxtrot Polite form of "Cluster Fuck"Navy
CFCanadian Forces|| Central African Republic (ISO 3166 digram)||Republic of the Congo (FIPS 10-4 country code)Acronym
CFCystic fibrosisacronyms for diseases and disorders
CFcompletion fluidoil&gas
CFCompact Flashcomputing
CFCount fingers vision – state distanceoptometric
CFCentre Forwardsports
CFCeramic FiberChemistry abbreviations
CFChemical FixationChemistry abbreviations
CFCollection FrequencyChemistry abbreviations
CFCity FolkCommunity abbreviations
CFCommunity FacilitatorCommunity abbreviations
CFCenter FrequencyElectronics abbreviations
CFCharacteristic FrequencyElectronics abbreviations
CFConductivity FactorElectronics abbreviations
CFCall Forwardingcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CFConfiguration Filecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CFControl Functioncomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CFCommercial Filmmedia abbreviations and acronyms
CFCannon FodderMilitary abbreviations
CFCauseway FerryMilitary abbreviations
CFChosen FewMilitary abbreviations
CFCoalition ForcesMilitary abbreviations
CFCompartmented FacilityMilitary abbreviations
CFConcentrated FireMilitary abbreviations
CFConfidence Factor of the drift errorMilitary abbreviations
CFControl FunctionsMilitary abbreviations
CFConventional ForcesMilitary abbreviations
CFChosin FewNon-Profit Organizations
CFConcern FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
CFCursor Forwardsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
CFCaused a Fumblesports abbreviations
CFCenter Feildsports abbreviations
CFCenter Flagsports abbreviations
CFClinical FellowshipUniversity abbreviations
CFCore FoundationUniversity abbreviations
CFCurriculum FrameworkUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cf

  • CIPI- Capital input price index
  • COB- Coordination of benefits
  • COP- Condition of participation
  • CPI- Consumer price index
  • CVA- Cerebrovascular accident, a stroke
  • CVI- Cerebrovascular Insufficiency
  • COOP- Continuity of operations
  • CIP- Critical infrastructure protection
  • CAB- Combat aviation battalion
  • CAP- Civil air patrol (USAF civilian auxiliary)
  • CAV- Composite armored vehicle (US)
  • CCP- Computer control panel
  • CCV- Close combat vehicle
  • CEFO- Combat equipment fighting order (webbing contents)
  • CEP- Circular error of probability
  • CEPP- Controlled effect police projectile
  • CEV- Combat engineer vehicle