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CFC: Meaning Category
CFC ChloroFluoroCarbon||Canadian Fish Company Acronym
CFC Caçador Airport [Caçador, Santa Catarina, Brazil] IATA Airport Code
CFC Consumption of fixed capital business
CFC Chloro Fluoro Carbon Chemistry abbreviations
CFC chlorofluorocarbon Chemistry abbreviations
CFC chlorofluorocarbon(s) Chemistry abbreviations
CFC chlorofluorocarbons Chemistry abbreviations
CFC Cabinet for Families and Children Community abbreviations
CFC California Fire Code Community abbreviations
CFC Combined Federal Campaign Community abbreviations
CFC Community Festival Committee Community abbreviations
CFC Community Foundations of Canada Community abbreviations
CFC Connections For Children Community abbreviations
CFC ChloroFluoroCarbon Electronics abbreviations
CFC Call For Comments computing abbreviations and acronyms
CFC Compact Flash Computer computing abbreviations and acronyms
CFC Compressible Flow Computer Program computing abbreviations and acronyms
CFC Cinematograph Films Council media abbreviations and acronyms
CFC Continuous Film Contactor media abbreviations and acronyms
CFC Canada Firearms Centre Military abbreviations
CFC Canadian Forces College Military abbreviations
CFC Centre des Armes à Feu Canada Military abbreviations
CFC Combat Fighting Course Military abbreviations
CFC Combat Flight Center Military abbreviations
CFC Combative Fighting Concepts Military abbreviations
CFC Combined Forces Command Military abbreviations
CFC Current Functional Capability Military abbreviations
CFC Chosen Few Children Non-Profit Organizations
CFC Citizens For Conservation Non-Profit Organizations
CFC Couples For Christ Non-Profit Organizations
CFC Card Fighters Clash sports abbreviations
CFC Celtic Football Club sports abbreviations
CFC Chelsea Football Club sports abbreviations
CFC Colorado Football Conference sports abbreviations
CFC Cool For Cycling sports abbreviations
CFC Corvallis Fitness Center sports abbreviations
CFC Contexts For Classics University abbreviations
CFC Cy-Fair College University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cfc

  • C2IPS - Command and Control Information Processing System
  • CAAPS - Circuit Assembly And Processing System
  • CABI-UKC - CABI Bioscience UK Centre
  • CABJ - Club Atlético Boca Juniors
  • CABS - Cambridge Ahlul Bayt Society
  • CAFC - Continental Association of Fan Clubs
  • CAFUC - Civil Aviation Flight University of China
  • CAPCHA - Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart
  • CAPES - CAPability Evaluation System
  • CAPEX - Capital Expenditure
  • CAPPC - Computer Aided Production Planning and Control
  • CAP PKG - Capability Package
  • CAPPS - Camden Advocacy For Para Professional Support
  • CAPS - (instrumentation) Cassini Plasma Spectrometer, an instrument on the Cassini spacecraft
  • CAPSC - Computer Aided Production Scheduling and Control
  • CAVOK - Ceiling And Visibility OK ("Kav-okay")
  • CAVS - Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
  • CBAS - Computrols Building Automation Software
  • CBASSE - Commission on Behavioral And Social Sciences and Education ("sea bass")
  • CBBC - Cambodia Baptist Bible College