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CFM Certified Facilities Manager [(IFMA)] Acronym
CFM Certified Financial Manager business
CFM Cross Flow Microfiltered Chemistry abbreviations
CFM Contamination Free Manufacturing Electronics abbreviations
CFM Continuous Flow Manufacturing Electronics abbreviations
CFM Cubic Feet per Minute Electronics abbreviations
CFM Calibration File Manager computing abbreviations and acronyms
CFM Configuration File Management computing abbreviations and acronyms
CFM CONUS Freight Management Military abbreviations
CFM Code Fragment Manager software abbreviations and acronyms
CFM Cold Fusion Markup software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to cfm

  • C2BFMA - Command and Control Battlefield Function Mission Area
  • C2FMO - Command and Control for Mobile Operations
  • CAFM - Computer Aided Facilities Management
  • CAPM - Capital asset pricing model
  • CAPN - Cycle Aware Palmerston North
  • CAVN - Corps Aviation
  • CBEMA - Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers' Association
  • CBM - many, including Canadian Baptist Ministries and Commodore Business Machines; see entry
  • CBMI - Christian Blind Mission International
  • CBMM - Corps Ballistic Meteorology Manager
  • CBMU - Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit
  • CBN - CardsApp Brand Number
  • CBPM - Capabilities- Based Program Management
  • CBVM - Circuit Breaker Vibration Monitor
  • CCPM - Collective Cyclic Pitch Mixing
  • CCPO-WNY - Consolidated Civilian Personnel Office - Washington Navy Yard
  • CFFM - Canadian Forces Fire Marshal
  • CFMA - Contact Flexible Microstrip Applicator
  • CFN - Donegal Airport
  • CHPPM - United States Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine