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CFSE: Meaning Category
CFSE Community Food System Explorer Community abbreviations
CFSE Certified Functional Safety Expert Non-Profit Organizations
CFSE Center for Food Safety Engineering (Purdue University) University abbreviations
CFSE Center for Solar Energy (University of California) University abbreviations
CFSE Course in Fire and Safety Engineering University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cfse

  • CPS - Cycles per second
  • CBSA - Core based statistical area
  • CBC - Com5ount
  • CofS - Chief of staff
  • CBCS - Combat Communications Squadron
  • CEVG - Combat Evaluation Group
  • CEPS - Customs, Excise and Preventive Service
  • CHPS - Community-Based Health Planning and Services
  • CPC - Cocoa Purchasing Company
  • CVC - Citizens' Vetting Committee
  • CAPES - CAPability Evaluation System
  • CAVOK - Ceiling And Visibility OK ("Kav-okay")
  • CBASSE - Commission on Behavioral And Social Sciences and Education ("sea bass")
  • CBS - Columbia Broadcasting System