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CHC: Meaning Category
CHC Christchurch International Airport [Christchurch, New Zealand] IATA Airport Code
CHC Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Chemistry abbreviations
CHC Community Health Council Community abbreviations
CHC Component Handling and Cleaning Electronics abbreviations
CHC Classical Hollywood Cinema media abbreviations and acronyms
CHC Chaplain Corps Military abbreviations
CHC Catholic Health Care Non-Profit Organizations
CHC Children's Hope Chest Non-Profit Organizations
CHC Community Health Charities Non-Profit Organizations
CHC Cops Helping Cops Non-Profit Organizations
CHC Canadian Heavyweight Champion sports abbreviations
CHC Chicago Cubs sports abbreviations
CHC Cunningham Hall Council University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to chc

  • C2IC - Command and Control Integration Council
  • C2IS - Command and Control Information System
  • C3AG - Command, Control, and Communications Advisory Group
  • C3IC - Coalition Coordination, Communications, and Integration Center
  • C/A1C - Cadet Airman 1st Class
  • CAAC - Capital Area Activities Conference
  • CAAS - Children's Attention and Adjustment Survey
  • CAAWS - Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity
  • CAC - California Association of Criminalists
  • CAC2 - Combined Arms Command and Control
  • CACC - Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination
  • CACH - Central nervous system hypomyelination
  • CACHE - Council for Awards in Child Care, Health, and Education
  • CACI - Community Autism Centre, Inc.
  • CACO - Community Activities Coordination Office
  • CaCO3 - calcium carbonate
  • CACS - Calcenter for Atmospheric Chemistry Studies
  • CAG - Commander of the Air Group
  • CAGE - Commercial and Government Entity
  • CAGI - Computer-Aided Grid Interface