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CIP Critical infrastructure protection healthcare
CIP Community Initiated Project ghana
CIP Combat Identification Panel Acronym
CIP Chipata Airport [Chipata, Zambia] IATA Airport Code
CIP Critical Infrastructure Protection (US) energy
CIP see also EPCIP European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection energy
CIP Cesium Intermediate Product Chemistry abbreviations
CIP Community Improvement Program Community abbreviations
CIP Classification of Instructional Programs Educational abbreviations
CIP Communication Interaction Program Educational abbreviations
CIP Cascade Improvement Program Electronics abbreviations
CIP Continuous Improvement Program Electronics abbreviations
CIP Cataloging In Publication media abbreviations and acronyms
CIP Candidate Interoperability Plan Military abbreviations
CIP Capital Investment Program Military abbreviations
CIP Career Intern Program Military abbreviations
CIP Civilian Institution Program Military abbreviations
CIP Clothing Issue Point Military abbreviations
CIP Combat Information Processor Military abbreviations
CIP Command Inspection Program Military abbreviations
CIP Communications Implementation Plan Military abbreviations
CIP Communications Improvement Program Military abbreviations
CIP Communications Interface Processor Military abbreviations
CIP Consolidated Intelligence Program Military abbreviations
CIP Critical Intelligence Parameter Military abbreviations
CIP Cryptographic Interface Provider Military abbreviations
CIP Coloring Integer Program software abbreviations and acronyms
CIP Control and Information Protocol software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to cip

  • CIPI - Capital input price index
  • COB - Coordination of benefits
  • COP - Condition of participation
  • CPI - Consumer price index
  • CVA - Cerebrovascular accident, a stroke
  • CVI - Cerebrovascular Insufficiency
  • COOP - Continuity of operations
  • CAB - Combat aviation battalion
  • CAP - Civil air patrol (USAF civilian auxiliary)
  • CAV - Composite armored vehicle (US)
  • CCP - Computer control panel
  • CCV - Close combat vehicle
  • CEFO - Combat equipment fighting order (webbing contents)
  • CEP - Circular error of probability
  • CEPP - Controlled effect police projectile
  • CEV - Combat engineer vehicle
  • CF - Canadian Forces