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CIS: MeaningCategory
CISChartered Industries of Singaporemilitary
CISCommonwealth of Independent Statesmilitary
CISCanadian Interuniversity SportAcronym
CISCommand and Information SystemAcronym
CISCommunication and Information SystemAcronym
CISCanton Island Airport[Canton Island, Kiribati]IATA Airport Code
CISCarbonlite Ionet SuspensionChemistry abbreviations
CISChemical Information SystemChemistry abbreviations
CISContinuous Interleaved SamplingChemistry abbreviations
CISCommunity Information SystemCommunity abbreviations
CISCommunity Investment StrategyCommunity abbreviations
CISCities In SchoolsEducational abbreviations
CISCommunicating In SpanishEducational abbreviations
CISCommunities in SchoolsEducational abbreviations
CISCopper Indium diSelenideElectronics abbreviations
CISCard Information Structurecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CISCharacter Information Sheetcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CISComputer Information Systemscomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CISConversion Indexing Sortingcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CISCombat Identification SystemMilitary abbreviations
CISCommand Information SystemMilitary abbreviations
CISCommon Item SupportMilitary abbreviations
CISCommunications Interface ShelterMilitary abbreviations
CISComponent Information SystemMilitary abbreviations
CISContact Image SensorMilitary abbreviations
CISCriminal Investigative ServiceMilitary abbreviations
CISCritical Information ShortfallMilitary abbreviations
CISCasualty Information SocietyNon-Profit Organizations
CISCenter for Immigration StudiesNon-Profit Organizations
CISComposite Information Serversoftware abbreviations and acronyms
CISComputer And Information ScienceUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cis

  • CAS- Calibrated airspeed
  • CWS- Control wheel steering
  • CICU- Cardiac intensive care unit
  • COG- Continuity of government
  • CAG- Commander of the Air Group
  • CAWS- Cannon Artillery Weapons Systems (US)
  • CAX- Combined arms exercise
  • CIWS- Close-in weapons system
  • COS- Chief of section
  • CAOC- Combined Air and Space Operations Center
  • CEG- Combat Evaluation Group
  • CES- Civil Engineering Squadron
  • CGOC- Company Grade Officers' Council
  • CEC- Civil Engineer Corps