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CLAP: Meaning Category
CLAP Carbohydrates, Lipid, Nucleic Acid, Protein Chemistry abbreviations
CLAP Community Leaders Association Of Plainfield Community abbreviations
CLAP Character, Location, Action, and Plot media abbreviations and acronyms
CLAP Command Line Application Popper software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to clap

  • CLOB - Character Large OBject
  • CLP - Chilean peso (ISO 4217 currency code)|| Common [Operating/Operational] Land Picture
  • CALVE - calibrated velocity log data
  • CCLP - casing collar locator perforation
  • CLF - Coltishall (IATA off-point)
  • CLV - Caldas Novas Airport
  • CCLIP - Conditional Credit Line for Investment Projects
  • CLPU - Contact lens associated peripheral ulcer
  • CELP - Code Excited Linear Projection
  • CALP - Community Advantage Leadership Program
  • CLIP - Care Leavers Independence And Participation
  • CCLB - Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks
  • CLEP - College Level Examination Program