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CLC: Meaning Category
CLC Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Chemistry abbreviations
CLC Cross Linked Cellulose Chemistry abbreviations
CLC Chinese Language and Culture Educational abbreviations
CLC City Learning Centre Educational abbreviations
CLC Community Learning Center Educational abbreviations
CLC Continuous Learning Calendar Educational abbreviations
CLC Cancel Lot Cycle Electronics abbreviations
CLC Color Laser Copier computing abbreviations and acronyms
CLC Contemporary Literary Criticism media abbreviations and acronyms
CLC Community Living Center Military abbreviations
CLC Centre for Liveable Cities Non-Profit Organizations
CLC Challenger Learning Community Non-Profit Organizations
CLC Chapter Leadership Conference Non-Profit Organizations
CLC Command Line Calculator software abbreviations and acronyms
CLC Center for Livable Communities University abbreviations
CLC Christian Life Community University abbreviations
CLC Community Living Class University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to clc

  • CALAS - Consortium For African And Latin American Studies
  • CALC - Caring About Limestone Community
  • CALCE - Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering
  • CALICO - Computer-Assisted Language Instruction COnsortium
  • CALICS - Communication, Authentication, Location, Intentions, Condition, and Situation
  • CALOG - circumferential acoustic log
  • CALS - Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistic Support
  • CALSA - Computer-Aided Logistics Systems Analysis
  • CCLC - César Chávez Learning Center
  • CCLCS - Canadian Centre for Language and Cultural Studies
  • CCSLC - Caribbean Certification in Secondary Level Competence
  • CELC - Connecticut Experiential Learning Center
  • CHAALS - Common High Accuracy Airborne Location System
  • CHALLS - Communications High Accuracy Airborne Location System
  • CHALS-X - Communications High Accuracy Location System Exploitable
  • CHLG - Chalenge
  • CILAS - Compagnie Industrielle des Lasers
  • CLACS - Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  • CLAGS - Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies
  • CLAS - California Learning Assessment System