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CLIC: MeaningCategory
CLICCompact LInear ColliderAcronym
CLICCaring Loving Intimacy CirclesCommunity abbreviations
CLICCommunity Learning Information and CommunicationCommunity abbreviations
CLICComputerized Learning and Information CenterEducational abbreviations
CLICConcordia Literacy Information ClassroomEducational abbreviations
CLICContent and Language Integrated ClassroomEducational abbreviations
CLICClosed-Loop Intensity ControlElectronics abbreviations
CLICContinuum and Line Interferometer CalibrationElectronics abbreviations
CLICCenter for Low Intensity ConflictMilitary abbreviations
CLICCanadian Linux Interests Coalitionsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
CLICCycle Lab Information Centersports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to clic

  • CILAS- Compagnie Industrielle des Lasers
  • CLASS- Computerised Laser Sight System
  • CLAWS- Close combat light armor weapon system (US)
  • CLOS- Command to line of sight
  • CLGSA- Civil and Local Government Staff Association
  • CLEC- Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
  • CALOG- circumferential acoustic log
  • CLG- core log and graph
  • CLJ- Cluj-Napoca International Airport
  • CLK- Clinton Regional Airport
  • CLQ- Licenciado Miguel de la Madrid Airport
  • CLS- Chehalis-Centralia Airport
  • CLX- Clorinda Airport
  • CLZ- Calabozo Airport
  • CLC- Cholesteric Liquid Crystal
  • CALC- Caring About Limestone Community