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CLMACouncil of Lithuania Minor AffairsCommunity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to clma

  • CCLM- Community Based Child Labour Monitoring
  • CALM- Communications, Air-interface, Long and Medium range
  • CLM- William R. Fairchild International Airport
  • CLN- Carolina Airport
  • Clun.- Cluniacenses ("Monks of Cluny")
  • CLAN- Cute Little Awesome Newborn
  • CLEAN- Campbell Local Emergency Action Network
  • CLNA- Country Lane Neighborhood Association
  • CLAM- Child Language Ability Measures
  • CS-LNA- Common-Source Low-Noise Amplifier
  • CCLMAA- Close Combat Light Mission Area Analysis
  • CLIN- Contract Line Item Number
  • CLAIM- Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarcerated Mothers