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CLQLicenciado Miguel de la Madrid Airport[Colima, Colima, Mexico]IATA Airport Code
CLQChampions League for Quakesports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to clq

  • CILAS- Compagnie Industrielle des Lasers
  • CLASS- Computerised Laser Sight System
  • CLAWS- Close combat light armor weapon system (US)
  • CLOS- Command to line of sight
  • CLGSA- Civil and Local Government Staff Association
  • CLEC- Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
  • CLIC- Compact LInear Collider
  • CALOG- circumferential acoustic log
  • CLG- core log and graph
  • CLJ- Cluj-Napoca International Airport
  • CLK- Clinton Regional Airport
  • CLS- Chehalis-Centralia Airport
  • CLX- Clorinda Airport
  • CLZ- Calabozo Airport
  • CLC- Cholesteric Liquid Crystal
  • CALC- Caring About Limestone Community