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C.M.: MeaningCategory
C.M.Causa Mortis ("On occasion of death")ecclesiastical
C.M.Congregatio Missionis (Lazarists)ecclesiastical
C.M.Congregatio Mariae (Fathers of the Company of Mary)ecclesiastical
Cm: MeaningCategory
CmMean Coverage FactorMilitary abbreviations
CM: MeaningCategory
CMColour-marking or "continue mission"military
CMConstruction MechanicNavy
CMCameroon (FIPS 10-4 country code; ISO 3166 digram)Acronym
CMCruise MissileAcronym
CMNine Hundred (in Roman numerals)Acronym
CMchoke moduleoil&gas
CM(astrophysics terminology) Center of Massastronomy
CMConfiguration Managementcomputing
CMContent Managementcomputing
CMCentral Midfieldersports
CMCementitious MaterialsChemistry abbreviations
CMCompound ManagementChemistry abbreviations
CMCustomized MicroscopyChemistry abbreviations
CMCreative MemoriesCommunity abbreviations
CMCommon ManEducational abbreviations
CMCompetition MasterEducational abbreviations
CMConstruction ManagementEducational abbreviations
CMCommon ModeElectronics abbreviations
CMContrast MediumElectronics abbreviations
CMCassette Modulemedia abbreviations and acronyms
CMCommercial Messagemedia abbreviations and acronyms
CMContact Managementmedia abbreviations and acronyms
CMContextual Mediamedia abbreviations and acronyms
CMChairman's MemorandumMilitary abbreviations
CMChanges MadeMilitary abbreviations
CMChemicalMilitary abbreviations
CMCollection ManagementMilitary abbreviations
CMCollection ManagerMilitary abbreviations
CMColonial MarinesMilitary abbreviations
CMCombat MagicMilitary abbreviations
CMCommander's ManualMilitary abbreviations
CMCommie MeasurementMilitary abbreviations
CMCommunication ManagementMilitary abbreviations
CMConceptual ModelMilitary abbreviations
CMConsequence ManagementMilitary abbreviations
CMControl ModemMilitary abbreviations
CMCounter-MobilityMilitary abbreviations
CMCounterMeasuresMilitary abbreviations
CMCounterMineMilitary abbreviations
CMCourt MartialMilitary abbreviations
CMCache Managersoftware abbreviations and acronyms
CMCompilation Managersoftware abbreviations and acronyms
CMCompletion Messagesoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to cm

  • COMM- Communications receiver
  • CAM- Complementary and alternative medicine
  • CMI- Case mix index
  • CON- Certificate of Need
  • CNM- Certified nurse-midwife
  • CMO- Civil - Military Operations
  • CNA- Computer Network Attack
  • CNO- Computer Network Operations
  • CGN- Guided Missile Cruiser, Nuclear Powered.
  • CN- Constructionman
  • COMMO- COMMunications Officer
  • CMA- Canadian Medical Association
  • CME- Council of Muslim Elders
  • CAEn- Close Action Engagement (constructive simulation)