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Cmc: Meaning Category
Cmc Midpoint Compromise Coverage Factor Military abbreviations
CMC: Meaning Category
CMC Command Master Chief Navy
CMC Camocim Airport [Camocim, Ceará, Brazil] IATA Airport Code
CMC (catalog) Carlsberg Meridian Catalogue astronomy
CMC CarboxyMethylCellulose Chemistry abbreviations
CMC Chemical Manufacturing Control Chemistry abbreviations
CMC Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls Chemistry abbreviations
CMC Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls Chemistry abbreviations
CMC Critical Micelle Concentration Chemistry abbreviations
CMC Connecting Math Concepts Educational abbreviations
CMC Cassette Module Controller Electronics abbreviations
CMC Common Mode Choke Electronics abbreviations
CMC Cd To Mime Conversion media abbreviations and acronyms
CMC Ceramic Matrix Composites Military abbreviations
CMC Closed Military Zone Military abbreviations
CMC Commandant of the Marine Corps Military abbreviations
CMC Crew Management Cell Military abbreviations
CMC Caravan Manoeuvring Championships sports abbreviations
CMC Card Master Conflict sports abbreviations
CMC Colorado Mountain Club sports abbreviations
CMC Cantor Mathematics Courses University abbreviations
CMC Center for Marine Conservation University abbreviations
CMC Clairvaux MacKillop College University abbreviations
CMC Claremont McKenna College University abbreviations
CMC Content Mastery Class University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cmc

  • 4C-NYS - Child Care Coordinating Council of New York State
  • 4C-SMC - Child Care Coordinating Council of San Mateo County
  • C2MUG - Command and Control Microcomputer Users Group
  • CAAM(S) - Computer Assisted Artillery Meteorology System
  • CAIMS - Conventional Ammunition Integrated Management System
  • CAINS - Carrier Aircraft Inertial Navigation System
  • CAMAC - Computer-Aided Measurement And Control
  • CAMEX - Computer Assisted Map Exercise
  • CAMIS - Continental Army Management Info System
  • CAMMS - Combined Arms Multi-Purpose Missile System
  • CAMS - Core Automated Maintenance System (database behind IMDS)
  • Canc. - Cancellarius ("Chancellor")
  • Canice. - Canonice ("Canonically")
  • CANS - Code Amber News Service
  • CANSO - Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation
  • CANUS - CANada - United States
  • CCEMG - Cannon Caliber Electro-Magnet Gun
  • CCGMS - Clallam County Gem and Mineral Society
  • CCHMC - Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville and Madison County
  • CCMC - Catholic Charities of Monroe County