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CMO: Meaning Category
CMO Civil - Military Operations Airforce
CMO Civil-Military Operations Acronym
CMO Obbia Airport [Obbia, Somalia] IATA Airport Code
CMO Chief Marketing Officer business
CMO Cyclohexanone MonoOxygenase Chemistry abbreviations
CMO Continuous Media Object computing abbreviations and acronyms
CMO Central MASINT (Measurement And Signature INTelligence) Organization Military abbreviations
CMO Chief Medical Officer Military abbreviations
CMO Chief Military Observer Military abbreviations
CMO Collection Management Office Military abbreviations
CMO Commodore's Messenger Organization Military abbreviations
CMO Configuration Management Office Military abbreviations
CMO Convoy Movement Order Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cmo

  • C2MAA - Command and Control Mission Area Analysis
  • C3CM - Command, Control, and Communications Countermeasures
  • C4CM - Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Counter-Measures
  • C4IM - Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Management
  • C4ME - Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Mission Environment
  • CAAM - Conventional Airfield Attack Missile
  • CAAN - Combined Arms Assessment Network
  • CAEM - Center for the Advancement of Energy Markets (US)
  • CAEn - Close Action Engagement (constructive simulation)
  • CAHM - Caribbean American Heritage Month
  • CAIM - Cambridge Alumni In Management
  • CAIN - Computer Algebra Information Network
  • CAM - Complementary and alternative medicine
  • CAMA - Centralized Automatic Message Accounting
  • CAMAA - Combined Arms Mission Area Analysis
  • CAME - Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition
  • CAMEO - Come And Meet Each Other
  • CAMM - Catholic Apostolate of Mass Media
  • C/AMN - Cadet Airman
  • CAMO - Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation