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CoA: Meaning Category
CoA College of Architecture University abbreviations
COA: Meaning Category
COA Course of Action Airforce
COA Certificate/Concept Of Analysis||Course Of Action (military) Acronym
COA Conditions of Approval oil&gas
COA Columbia Airport (FAA: O22) [Columbia, California, United States] IATA Airport Code
COA Chart of Account business
COA Council for Older Adults Community abbreviations
COA Council On Aging Community abbreviations
COA Chance Of Achievement Educational abbreviations
COA Change Of Amplification Electronics abbreviations
COA Certificate Of Analysis computing abbreviations and acronyms
COA Certificate of Operating Authority media abbreviations and acronyms
COA Comptroller Of the Army Military abbreviations
COA Course Of Action Military abbreviations
COA Children Of Alcoholics Non-Profit Organizations
COA Commissioned Officers Association (PHS) Non-Profit Organizations
COA Certificate Of Authenticity software abbreviations and acronyms
COA Challenged Outdoorsmen of America sports abbreviations
COA Cheerleaders Of America sports abbreviations
COA Committee On Accreditation University abbreviations
COA Cost Of Attendance University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to coa

  • CE - Consumer Electronics
  • CII - Computer-Implemented Invention
  • CAI - Caution annunciator indicator
  • CAH - Critical access hospital
  • CCI - Correct coding initiative
  • CCU - Cardiac care unit
  • CHA - Catholic Health Association
  • COI - Certificate of Insurance
  • CQI - Continuous quality improvement
  • Ca - Carcinoma
  • CC - Chief complaint
  • CIO - Chief information officer
  • C3I - Command, control, communications, and intelligence
  • CCC - Combustible cartridge case
  • CCO - Close combat optic
  • C/E - Crew/enlisted (enlisted aircrew member)
  • CEOI - Communications electronics operating instruction
  • CEU - Computer electronics unit