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COB: Meaning Category
COB Coordination of benefits healthcare
COB Close of business military
COB Chief Of the Boat (traditionally found only on submarines). Can also be used for "close of business." Navy
COB Close Of Business [day] Acronym
COB Coolibah Airport [Coolibah, Northern Territory, Australia] IATA Airport Code
COB Close of Business business
COB City Of Bayside Community abbreviations
COB Chip On Board Educational abbreviations
COB Chief Of the Boat Military abbreviations
COB Civilian On the Battlefield Military abbreviations
COB Collocated Operating Base Military abbreviations
COB Command Operating Budget Military abbreviations
COB Contingency Operating Base Military abbreviations
COB City Of Brass University abbreviations
COB College Of Business University abbreviations
COB College Of the Bahamas University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cob

  • CIPI - Capital input price index
  • COP - Condition of participation
  • CPI - Consumer price index
  • CVA - Cerebrovascular accident, a stroke
  • CVI - Cerebrovascular Insufficiency
  • COOP - Continuity of operations
  • CIP - Critical infrastructure protection
  • CAB - Combat aviation battalion
  • CAP - Civil air patrol (USAF civilian auxiliary)
  • CAV - Composite armored vehicle (US)
  • CCP - Computer control panel
  • CCV - Close combat vehicle
  • CEFO - Combat equipment fighting order (webbing contents)
  • CEP - Circular error of probability
  • CEPP - Controlled effect police projectile
  • CEV - Combat engineer vehicle
  • CF - Canadian Forces