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COOLChildren Overcoming Outstanding LossCommunity abbreviations
COOLCommunity Of Outstanding LearnersCommunity abbreviations
COOLCommunity Outreach On LocationCommunity abbreviations
COOLCommunity Outreach Opportunities LimerickCommunity abbreviations
COOLCircle Of Outstanding LearnersEducational abbreviations
COOLCommunity Of Online LearnersEducational abbreviations
COOLComprehensive Object Oriented LearningEducational abbreviations
COOLCooperative Opportunity For Online LearningEducational abbreviations
COOLC Object Oriented Languagecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
COOLChinese Object Oriented Languagecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
COOLConcurrency Out Of Limitscomputing abbreviations and acronyms
COOLChapter Officers Optimizing LeadNon-Profit Organizations
COOLCeres Object Oriented Librarysoftware abbreviations and acronyms
COOLCheckOut-Oriented languagesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
COOLClassroom Object-Oriented Languagesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
COOLCOntrol-Oriented Languagesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
COOLCalculus Offered On LineUniversity abbreviations
COOLCampus Outreach Opportunities LeagueUniversity abbreviations
COOLCampus Outreach Opportunity LeagueUniversity abbreviations
COOLCanberra's Own Outstanding ListUniversity abbreviations
COOLCollege Opportunities On LineUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cool

  • CLIA- Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (1967) … also Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (1988)
  • CAL- Canadian Arsenals Limited
  • CLU- Command launch unit
  • Col- Colonel
  • COLA- Cost of Living Adjustment
  • CALL- (U.S.) Center for Army Lessons Learned
  • CCSIL- Command and Control Simulation Interface Language ("cecil")
  • CHL- Chile (ISO 3166 trigram)
  • CHLA- Core Historical Literature of Agriculture
  • Cl- Chlorine
  • CLA- Clutterers Anonymous
  • CLI- Command Line Interface/Interpreter
  • CLO- Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • COIL- Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser
  • CSEAL- Combat Systems Engineering and Analysis Laboratory ("see-seal")
  • CSL- U.K. Central Science Laboratory
  • CALI- calliper log