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cos: MeaningCategory
cosCorsican language (ISO 639-2 code)||CosineAcronym
COS: MeaningCategory
COSChief of sectionmilitary
COSCooper Ornithological SocietyAcronym
COSColorado Springs Airport[Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States]IATA Airport Code
COSCommunity Optional ServiceCommunity abbreviations
COSCounselors Only SectionEducational abbreviations
COSCorporation for Open Systemscomputing abbreviations and acronyms
COSChampions Of The SeaMilitary abbreviations
COSChief Of StaffMilitary abbreviations
COSCivilian Occupational SpecialtyMilitary abbreviations
COSCOmmunications SegmentMilitary abbreviations
COSCompany Orderly SergeantMilitary abbreviations
COScontingency operating statIonMilitary abbreviations
COSCorps SupportMilitary abbreviations
COSCovert Organization SearchMilitary abbreviations
COSCritical Occupational SpecialtyMilitary abbreviations
COSCritical Operational SpecialtiesMilitary abbreviations
COSCorporation Of SeniorsNon-Profit Organizations
COSCarousel Object Storesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
COSCollaborative Operating Systemsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
COSComet Operating Systemsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
COSComputer Operating Systemsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
COSCorba Object Servicesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
COSChamber Of Secretssports abbreviations
COSCollege Of SciencesUniversity abbreviations
COSCommunity Of ScienceUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cos

  • CAS- Calibrated airspeed
  • CWS- Control wheel steering
  • CICU- Cardiac intensive care unit
  • COG- Continuity of government
  • CAG- Commander of the Air Group
  • CAWS- Cannon Artillery Weapons Systems (US)
  • CAX- Combined arms exercise
  • CIS- Chartered Industries of Singapore
  • CIWS- Close-in weapons system
  • CAOC- Combined Air and Space Operations Center
  • CEG- Combat Evaluation Group
  • CES- Civil Engineering Squadron
  • CGOC- Company Grade Officers' Council
  • CEC- Civil Engineer Corps