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COTS: Meaning Category
COTS Common Off The Shelf Open Standards
COTS Commercial-off-the-shelf military
COTS Commercial Off The Shelf Acronym
COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf computing
COTS Cargo Offload and Transfer System Military abbreviations
COTS Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Military abbreviations
COTS Container Offloading and Transfer System Military abbreviations
COTS Chapter Officer Training School Non-Profit Organizations
COTS Coalition On Temporary Shelter Non-Profit Organizations
COTS Committee On The Shelterless Non-Profit Organizations
COTS commercial off-the-shelf software software abbreviations and acronyms
COTS College Of The Sciences University abbreviations
COTS College Officer Training School University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cots

  • CAT IIIc - Operational performance Category IIIc
  • CODEC - Coder/decoder
  • CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.)
  • CADAC - Certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor
  • COTAC - Conduite de Tir Automatique pour Char (tank automatic fire)
  • CTIS - Central tyre inflation system
  • CDAAC - Communicative Disorders Assistant Association of Canada
  • CDS - Chief of the Defence Staff
  • CTS - (West African) Command Clerks Training School
  • CATK - Counterattack
  • CATS - Computer Active Technology Suspension
  • CDEC - U.S. Combat Development Experimentation Center
  • CDIAC - Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center ("see-dee-ack")
  • CEDEX - Courrier d'entreprise à distribution exceptionnelle (French, "Company Mail with Exceptional Distribution"; "exceptional" refers to the volume of mail)