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CPR: MeaningCategory
CPRCustomary, prevailing, and reasonable (charges) … also Cardiac pulmonary resuscitationhealthcare
CPRCardiopulmonary resuscitationhealthcare
CPRCommon practice roundmilitary
CPRCanadian Pacific RailwayAcronym
CPRNatrona County International Airport[Casper, Wyoming, United States]IATA Airport Code
CPRCorrosion Penetration RateChemistry abbreviations
CPRCat Park RescueCommunity abbreviations
CPRCatch, Photograph, and ReleaseCommunity abbreviations
CPRChicano Power RevivalCommunity abbreviations
CPRClubs for Prevention and RecoveryCommunity abbreviations
CPRCommunication and Proactive ResourcefulnessCommunity abbreviations
CPRConserve, Protect, and RestoreCommunity abbreviations
CPRCreating Positive RelationshipsCommunity abbreviations
CPRCultural Participation and ResearchCommunity abbreviations
CPRCardio-Pulmonary ResuscitationEducational abbreviations
CPRChild-Parent RelationshipEducational abbreviations
CPRConverse, Practice, and ReinforceEducational abbreviations
CPRComputerized Patient Recordcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CPRCommunity Power Radiomedia abbreviations and acronyms
CPRChairman's Program RecommendationMilitary abbreviations
CPRClose Proximity RecoveryMilitary abbreviations
CPRCombat Power RadioMilitary abbreviations
CPRCommand Performance ReviewMilitary abbreviations
CPRCost Performance ReportMilitary abbreviations
CPRCFIDS Public RelationsNon-Profit Organizations
CPRCorrected Points Ratingsports abbreviations
CPRCourse Progress ReportUniversity abbreviations
CPRCultural Project ResearchUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cpr

  • CVR- Cockpit voice recorder
  • COBRA- Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985
  • CBR- Chemical, biological, radiological
  • CVR(W)- Combat vehicle reconnaissance (wheeled) (UK)
  • CFR- Crash Fire Rescue
  • CPIR- Computationally-Private Information Retrieval
  • CPIRE- CPI report
  • CYPRO- cyberproducts log
  • CIBR- (celestial object) Cosmic Infrared Background Radiation
  • CXBR- (celestial object) Cosmic X-ray Background Radiation
  • CPRI- Common Public Radio Interface
  • CBRE- Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Element